GEOBUL Ltd. offers high quality and complex surveying services. The company was established in March 2004 and over time it has become one of the leading surveying companies on the Bulgarian market. Our services are well known to many owners of private property and larger investors. Our activity extends throughout the country.

We believe that the complex and rapidly changing economic realities, as well as the opening of Bulgaria to the world economy are imposing new standards in surveying and we can guarantee them to our customers.

We are confident that the success of the surveyor-client relationship depends largely on the competence, integrity and professionalism of the surveyors.

During the years we realized that professionalism, loyalty, honesty and a serious commitment can solve any problem, and satisfaction of a job well done can transform work into pleasure.

GEOBUL Ltd. is an established company in the field of applied geodesy, cadastre and investment design.

The company has professional geodetic equipment: 3 electronic total stations TOPCON and 3 two-frequency GPS receivers TOPCON. The office of the company is equipped with up-to-date computers, printers, scanner, copier and plotter A1 +. The company has legal software, communication equipment and company vehicles.

A team of highly qualified specialists will help you to achieve success in your endeavors. GEOBUL Ltd. is a member of the Association of Geodetic companies, the Chamber of Engineers in Investment design and it is legally liable to perform Cadastre activities.