Tracing means locating on the land different points, lines, planes or surfaces, details of which are known in advance. In tracing positions of the points determined by a drawing, plan or a digital model are applied to the land area.

Development of tracing layout plans

Development of  layout plans  is necessary in preparation of part “Geodetic” in investment projects for construction of buildings and facilities, according to regulatory documents (Regulation № 4 on May 21, 2001 on the scope and content of investment projects). Tracing plans contain data necessary for routing of specific points of design objects such as important architectural or design points, construction axes and others. 
In the development of  layout plan  tracing data is applied – coordinates in the correct coordinate system; for orthogonal routing – data for all distances, sizes and lengths, project elevations, leveling benchmarks and starting points of support required to identify on the ground of the facility.

Tracing the boundaries of land

Tracing needs to be done to determine the exact boundaries of ownership of your land, i.e. to indicate the boundaries of the land on these properties. 
Often  before the tracing of the boundaries of the plot, it is necessary to make  geodesic imaging  to consider existing on-site situational details. Having done the preliminary preparation, the actual  layout of the plot  in done at time of your convenience.

Tracing layout of buildings and other engineering facilities

Before starting construction of a building or engineering facility it is necessary to accurately determine its location on the ground, according to the investment project.  GeoBul Ltd. offers high precision tracing  of the contour of the building or facility on the construction site as well as the position of the building axis.